To our Caruso Chiropractic Family, We are unfortunately closed due the current Stay Home, Stay Safe Order, but are planning on returning on as soon as we are able. You will be notified of an opening date when one is determined. If in need of urgent chiropractic care, call the office for the doctors contact number to assist you. It has been shown that WASHING your HANDS and NOT TOUCHING your FACE is one of the best ways to prevent COVID-19 infection. While we are closed, it is even a more important time for you, our patients, friends and family to be sure and focus on keeping yourselves healthy. How you may ask? Follow the helpful DREAM concept to keep you feeling better and improve your immunity. 1. Diet: Avoid processed foods, sugary foods, take supplements, and STAY hydrated. Here are some important nutrients that have shown to improve your immune system a. Vitamin C b. Vitamin D c. Zinc d. Probiotic e. Elderberry f. Drink more WATER, 8 to 10 glasses daily 2. Rest: Be sure to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night. If you’re having difficulty sleeping, try: a. Chamomile tea, or Melatonin b. Take 10 deep breaths before sleep. c. Turn off your electronic devices at least 1 hr. before bedtime. d. Watch something positive, NOT the NEWS, before going to bed. 3. Exercise: Get up and keep moving. Even cleaning the house, working on that home project, playing with the kids counts! a. 30 minutes a day is a good goal. Get off the couch, turn off the TV and keep moving. b. Find a fun workout video on YouTube, Dancing to the Oldies, Yoga for beginners, or Anything POSITIVE. 4. Attitude: This is probably the biggest factor considering the EXTREME STRESS or FEAR due to the current situation. Fear, Stress and Anxiety will wear you down and weaken your immune system. Reducing your stress levels will help you sleep and improve your immune system. a. Read a book b. TURN OFF THE TV c. Listen to music d. Watch a funny movie e. Spend some quality time with your family at the dinner table. 5. Maintain Nerve Supply: This refers to getting adjusted, improving your posture, stretching, and lifting properly. Spinal adjustments are an effective way to improve your nervous system’s function but here are some things you can do to decrease stress on your spine and nervous system if you’re not able to get adjusted. a. Improve your posture by sitting up straight, don’t slouch and look straight ahead, not off to the side, while working at a computer or when watching TV (hopefully limited). b. Get up and Stretch. Sitting has been called the new smoking. Don’t spend hours sitting slouched in front of the TV, laptop, cell phone or tablet. Go to for info on stretches and how to improve your posture. Click on the Therapeutic Exercise tab for stretches and exercise to keep your spine feeling better. c. Lifting properly means using your legs, not your back. Squat and bend your knees not your back. Together we will get through this crisis and learn how to better take care of ourselves as well as strengthen our importance of family and community. Every storm has a rainbow and boy are we all looking forward to that rainbow. May God Bless you and your family. Contact Us | Chiropractor in Lake Orion, MI | Caruso Chiropractic

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